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In the history of relationships, very few people can sustain their relationship. Why so?

In the history of relationships, very few people can sustain their relationship. Why so?

4 Answers

Tomdarli Answered:

It is not like that relationships are not long lasting, infact they do last for a lifetime. It is said that in a long term relationship, romantic love converts to companionship and love to friendship. The only way to sustain a relationship lifelong is to understand love and the dynamics of your relationship first. Then you will believe that lifelong relationship IS possible.

DUNCAN Answered:

I believe it’s a symptom of the times in which we find ourselves – because historically, divorce was never an option. The partner we married was going to be our partner for life; there was no way around it. So women and men learned to get along together in marriage; it was either that, or live in misery. People also worked very hard for their survival in earlier times, and their worries were significant. Women worried about food, sickness, and the death of close family members; having enough wood to make it through winter, getting through the day’s work before sundown. They didn’t have time to stew over marital blues. These days we stand up for ourselves as equals in marriage. We speak our minds, and wewalk away when we’re unhappy. Now that we’ve raised up our standards and gained self worth, appreciation of our marriage vows has decreased. Sadly, this marker of our life and times leads us to take marriage for granted, and we may throw in the towel rather than try to work things out.

JBobbitt Answered:

I don''t think there's any reason to be overly negative about relationships. While the divorce rate is high, and seems to be climbing, I believe the vast majority of relationships are sustained over the long-haul. Relationships are not easy, and nobody said they were. They take work, and perseverance, but I feel when people focus on them, they see the rewards daily. I would challenge you that most relationships do not fail, and the ones that do, it wasn't the relationship, it was one, or both partners that failed the relationship.

FoxyPanda Answered:

I think it’s just too easy for people to walk away from anything that’s hard nowadays. We have too many options, too many other people we think we can date. We say “oh, this isn’t working out. Let me try again with someone new,” instead of trying to resolve the issues at hand.

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