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How to rebuild life and self esteem after divorce?

How to rebuild life and self esteem after divorce?

4 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

As difficult as it may be, try not to look on your divorce as a failure, but look at your life as a clean slate, and a new start. After all, you are now free to make your own decisions, your partner's annoying habits will never bother you again, and you don’t have to spend another second on the worries that plagued you every day for so long. You can make up your own rules in every aspect of your life. Many people choose to see a counselor after divorce; this is a very helpful way to get some things off your chest and say goodbye to some old memories. Reading inspirational self-help books may help; so can decorating your new space. Keeping yourself busy with friends and fun will take the edge off of your woes. Keep up with seeing your counselor and/or talking with close friends, and make efforts to dress nice, do your hair, be friendly, flirt even… and your self esteem is sure to find you.

JBobbitt Answered:

I would take a very practical approach. My best advice is to find something you are passionate about, and dive into it. If you love your work, throw yourself into it. If you have a hobby you love, focus on it, or get a hobby. You need to find things to help you cope with your loss, even if it was for good reasons. When you can find something you enjoy doing, and are good at doing it, it will help to raise your self-esteem.

FoxyPanda Answered:

GUZMAN, I think surrounding yourself with people that really love you is so important when you’re trying to bounce back after a divorce. It is probably going to be a difficult thing because when people are going through a divorce they’re usually not happy or pleasant to be around, but the people that really love you will try to understand this and will be there for you anyway. The worst thing anyone can do is to be alone.

MarryAnn Answered:

You should know that whatever happened was for good. Give yourself time to heal before entering a new relationship.There is no such thing as "magical recipe" for this situation that works for everybody but sport and creative activities always help to gain credits on your self esteem. Fitted body makes you feel more confident and creativity helps to believe in yourself and your ability to build a new life that makes you smile :)

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