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What financial advice can you give for newlyweds?

What financial advice can you give for newlyweds?

3 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

Saving money and earning credit are important now. Planning a budget, and making some clear goals and decisions now will save you from worries later. As young people, some of us aren't taught about finances, and some of us learn the hard way. Don’t let that be you! Don't purchase frivolously, establish and stick to a budget, never ever buy anything rent to own, and don’t let credit cards get out of hand. Pay on them every month, live simply, and put away a few dollars in savings each month.

JBobbitt Answered:

Pool your resources. Go to one bank account, or multiple if needed, but be joint holders. This allows multiple benefits, first and foremost, you are both partners in your financial health. It puts the onus of the banking on both parties. Another huge benefit is that it allows for all transactions to be transparent to both parties. When you are both on the same account, it's MUCH harder to hide things from your spouse. Once everything is joint, begin to save, and get yourself out of as much debt as possible. Life is so much more free when you don't live under the weight of debt.

322gary Answered:

One of my dear friends has been married for about 20 years and she says that she and her husband have one joint account for bills and living expenses and all of that, but then they also have separate accounts for the “fun stuff” each of them likes to do. So, if he wants to buy himself a remote control helicopter or an expensive mountain bike he can do that from his own account. If she wants to get a facial at the spa she can do that from her own account. It works for them!

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