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What things I should do before planning a baby?

What things I should do before planning a baby?

2 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

Before planning a baby, you’ll want to take a comprehensive look at your lifestyle and situation. Determine whether you think you will be good parents and why. Maybe even get a dog and see how you feel about the responsibility of caring for another. Ask yourselves, Do we have the proper supports? Having family members, friends, and other supports around will be indispensable when a baby arrives. Not having them there and you take a risk on your emotional health. You’ll also need to look at budgeting your finances, determining whether you are ready to support a child financially now and for the long haul. Consider your alternatives should something happen, like the loss of a job. Other things to check on are your physical health, fertile compatibility with your partner, and the safety of your home.

Tigger Answered:

Before you become pregnant, discuss things like how you want to raise the baby, who will stay at home or what day-care options you will use. Stop your birth control well head of trying to conceive to give your body time to recover and stabilise itself. Give up all drinking and smoking and try to develop a healthy lifestyle. Give up caffeine as it has been linked to problems in pregnancy. Lose weight if necessary. Start taking a prenatal supplement. Then do things you may not get time to do once the baby is here – go out to movies or dinner. Talk to your mother and sisters about their pregnancy and birth experiences.

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