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Why long distnace relationships are so short lived?

Answers (9)

LuckyInLove said on
Long distance realtionships are tough to begin with with. You are thousands or hundreds of miles away from your partner and you have to try to make it work. I belive that theyre so short lived because the couple tends to grow apart if the constant communication isnt there and if their needs aren't being met or exacerbated by the distance.
SweetSeptember said on
Long distance relationships are romantic. You spend most time dreaming of each other :) But there comes a moment when you need support and your partner is physically not there for you. You may handle the first situation and even the second. Most long distance relationships don't come to a third situation, it's a fact :)
322gary said on
Long-distance relationships are really hard to endure. Even when one person is strong and optimistic it can be very difficult if the other person is having a harder time coping. Personally, my ex-girlfriend grew emotional, distant, jealous, and then indifferent. I don’t think she was really able to handle it. I can say that writing to each other and sending small gifts in the mail did help a little.
JBobbitt said on
Most of these types of relationships are short-lived, but not all.  I know quite a few people who's spouses work away from the home for long stretches at a time, and they have been married for quite a while.  That said, I think as a society, we see relationships as disposable, and long distance is much easier to end, as the confrontation of breaking up is not usually a face-to-face conversation.  It's much easier to break things off via phone, or email, or text, rather than looking someone in the eye and telling them.  Also, when your partner is away, some people tend to let their wandering eyes, and need for companionship go too far, which leads them to someone else.
newlywedgal said on
Sometimes in the midst of day-to-day life it can be hard to keep communicating with someone you don't even see in person, much less try to keep a relationship afloat. People in long-distance relationships face this struggle, where the other partner might seem like a hindrance to the progression of daily life. But LDRs are only short-lived if one or both partners don’t see the point in maintaining it. With dedication, the relationship can flourish.
SIMSRT said on
Long distance relationships do have a low success rate.  Pair bonding is a part of human nature, but it requires intimacy; a feeling of closeness. It is difficult to bond with someone who is miles and miles away.  Without physical and emotional intimacy, a relationship is not getting a lot of nourishment. After a time, long distance couples are faced with a decision to move closer or throw in the towel.  Calling it quits seems simplest in most cases, the couple grows tired of the long-distance relationship, and they are lacking intimacy in the first place, making this a pretty straightforward decision. With all that said, a special Kudos goes to those rare couples who started out in long distance relationships, who made it work and then moved in together and tied the knot.
beautifullife said on
I was in a long distance relationship once, and every moment that I spent communicating with my then-boyfriend over the internet or on the phone, I felt an emptiness. It was like I was longing to hold on to something that just wasn't there in my life. Soon we both started to drift apart as we realised that our lives just couldn't function as we tried to keep the relationship afloat.
PrettyMe said on
Actually in there is another point of view that you could find interesting.

Sometimes a long distance relationship lasts longer than a relationship in which you share a living space :) That can usually be relaied to free spirits who cherish their personal space and belonging to friend circles. Then this type of people moderate their long distance relationship to the sharing living space kind the love story is over as the personal space is no longer available and the free spirit feels caged.
tommy said on
This is very much true that not all long distance relationships survive and turn into marriage. Still people in LDR's try to make an effort to make the relationship last, as they are bound by love. It is definitely not easy to survive a long distance relationship,as both partners need to work upon their relationship by keeping connected with each other, communicating with each other and keeping sexual intimacy alive. In order to make the realtionship work, try to meet each other as frequent as possible, indulge in skype chats so that you can see each other. By adopting these methods you can denfitely make your relationship flourish.
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