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I am having trouble with my in-laws. Can you tell me how I can get along well with them?

I am having trouble with my in-laws. Can you tell me how I can get along well with them?

4 Answers

mathisurendran Answered:

Are you living in a joint family? It creates various unwanted problems between you. You do not have the freedom to live your married life as you wish to. This creates lots of misunderstanding between you. You are wrong if you treat your in laws as your enemies. You must understand they are your extended family and so you should respect them. But they cannot and should not poke their nose into your personal life with your husband. Spacing is very important for your relationship with your in laws to be tolerable. Do not insult them. Be friendly but show them that you would not tolerate if they enter into your married life.

SIMSRT Answered:

Some in-laws may be more challenging than others, depending upon personality types and preexisting family dynamics. Important things to think about will include how you communicate with them, and more importantly, how you will negotiate big issues in discourse between your spouse and the in-laws. Your spouse may be protective of her parents, so that anything you say or do around them is subject to her protective demeanor. Likewise, anything negative on your part could lead to disappointment. Maintaining a positive attitude, and staying away from disparaging remarks is crucial; and respecting your spouse’s wishes when it comes to in-laws is your best bet for now; because if confronting the in-laws disappoints your spouse, you’ve got more drama. Staying positive is your strategy for now; after all, how can there be further problems if you are just smiling?

JBobbitt Answered:

Communication is key to any good relationship. If you have issues with your in-laws, first, discuss this with your spouse. You need to make sure that you both present a united front in your marriage. Secondly, you need to discuss the issue with your in-laws. Sometimes this may best be done in letter form, so both parties can take time to put down rational thoughts on paper. Even if you wish to discuss things face-to-face, you need to set a time for this discussion to happen, you don't want to surprise them by bombarding them with accusations, you want to make sure they have time set aside to discuss these issues fully.

322gary Answered:

I think always speaking to them with respect goes a long way. It never helps to lose your cool and be rude or anything like that. It’s important to establish boundaries, but you always want to do that with a smile on your lips. Let them know that you are listening to what they have to say, but that you and your husband will be the ones to decide if and how something is done.

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