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I need some ideas for wedding gifts. Please help.

I need some ideas for wedding gifts. Please help.

4 Answers

SophieFrie Answered:

Usually, the newlyweds are moved from their parent's house to the new homes\apartments. I think it will never be superfluous for anything at home. The choice is huge and on any budget. My husband and I were given a lot of useful things, including a set of pothooks for the kitchen, latex pillows, and a few carpets.

DUNCAN Answered:

It can be daunting trying to come up with the perfect gift for your bride or groom- to-be; you want it to be thoughtful and special. Try to stay away from those cliché domestic items (unless you have a good rationale for something specific). Start brainstorming for something that incorporates his interests, hobbies, or passions– you might just go out window shopping and see if something catches your eye; even if you leave with some new ideas, you have made progress. Do you know anybody with a special skill or craft? Sometimes handmade gifts by a mutual friend for hire can go a long way – these gifts are memorable and also save you time and pressure.

JBobbitt Answered:

Blenders, crockpots, microwaves and toasters are common for kitchen; matching towels, washcloths and cups/soap holders are common for bathroom; and sheets, shams, pillow cases, dust skirts, and curtains are all common for bedrooms. I would just stay away from getting the couple anything that involves decorating since you probably don't know the style that their home will be in, so no artwork or picture frames, in my opinion.

322gary Answered:

SIMSRT, I think the types of gifts you give depends on the age of the couple and whether or not they have been living together already. People who have been living together maybe don’t need the usual small appliances like blenders and towels, but couples who weren’t living together probably really do need all of those little things to start their new life together.

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