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Are there any benefits of same sex marriages?

Are there any benefits of same sex marriages?

3 Answers

DUNCAN Answered:

Same sex marriages come with the same benefits as heterosexual marriages. Couples wishing to purchase insurance, a home, and care for one another until death, are able to do so without worrying about the legal ramifications of their lifestyle. They can act as beneficiaries, collect funding for one another, share in the division of household bills and chores, share checking account funds and manage loans, can make decisions that affect one another.

Michelle Answered:

Now that gay marriage has been legalized, gay couples get all the rights that heterosexual couples do, which in my opinion, should've been done a long time ago. No longer do they have to wait outside a hospital room because they aren't family or not getting conjugal visits like normal couples do. There are lots of advantages, things that heterosexual couples took for granted.

LuckyInLove Answered:

There are many benefits for the couples who want to get married and previously could not. Gay partners can now have all the rights as heterosexual couples do, which I think is an amazing thing. 1. Medical decisions being made for the partner 2. Sick leave to care for your partner 3. Immigration 4. Child custody 5. Visitation rights at the hospital or prison

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