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I am looking for affordable marriage counseling. Need references.

I am looking for affordable marriage counseling. Need references.

2 Answers

LoveCoach Answered:

I have a group program that is starting in just a couple of weeks, and it will, by far, be the most affordable option for many couples that are struggling!! You can be completely anonymous or you can join by video and meet the other participants, it is completely up to you and your comfort level. It will be 12 calls, one call every two weeks, there will be articles, quizzes, evaluations, and exercises so you can really get the information into your body, and of course, discussions and q and a so people can ask pertinent questions to their situation and get help not only from me, but also feedback from the group! It is going to be fun, informative, and very affordable can watch a 45 minute video talking about some of the concepts we will discuss here and then when you are ready to join, go to Relationship Rescue-911 For Love for a very affordable 6 payment plan OR Relationship Rescue-911 For Love Discount Price for a paid in full discount price! I truly care about every single couple that I work with, and I care about YOU! I want you to live a life filled with gratitude, abundance, and passion!

DUNCAN Answered:

Traditional marriage counseling can be expensive, but there are more affordable ways to go about counseling. Universities that offer therapy programs often use graduate students with clinical training to work independently on site. The sessions may be recorded, but these therapists are trained and certified. Another option is to use a subsidy, church, or other non-profit agency. If you or your spouse holds a career for an organization that offers EAP- employee assistance programs, you can receive free counseling sessions for any personal problem under the sun, including marriage counseling. Just call the number on the brochure and the receptionist can direct you to the proper agency. Your sessions will be covered, and are free of charge to you. Last, an alternative might be to look into online programs, or community programs. These are less expensive but still can be very beneficial. An online program such as the one provided by ( may be worth checking out.

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