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What is an effective couple therapy technique?

What is an effective couple therapy technique?

1 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

There are a plethora of therapy techniques and therapists usually employ a number of evidence-based strategies that are confirmed effective. The methods a therapist uses will vary based on need. Commonly, changing perspectives of the relationship can be beneficial where the couple has lost touch with objectivity and have been focused on the blame game. The counselor can teach them to respect one another and view one another with love and trust again. Counselors also conduct Risk Assessments –comprehensive evaluation of the level of risk involved if there is dysfunction. Dysfunctional Behavior Modification – this is a mode that is applied for dysfunction in a relationship – the counselor provides tools and strategies that literally teach partners new ways to relate with one another. Attachment-based. This type of therapy is for addressing issues in which a partner partners doesn’t share intimate feelings. Attachment disorders can be extremely damaging to relationships where emotional intimacy is lacking. Finally, modes of therapy often seek to Improve communication, and to promote strengths.

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