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What can be some gifts for wedding anniversary?

What can be some gifts for wedding anniversary?

4 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

A great place to look for ideas on romantic gift giving is in any of Gregory P. Godek’s books. His bestseller “1001 Ways to be Romantic”, is a book that is not only a fun read, but guides the reader down a path of romantic creativity. Being able to think like a romantic – and to tailor your gifts to your partner’s fancy- is the best strategy so that you’re sure to come up with something unique, creative, and specific.

JBobbitt Answered:

This question is a hard one. It is very dependent upon how well you know the person, and if they are registered at a store. If it is someone you are fairly close to, it would most likely be a larger gift you would get for the person. If it is for an acquaintance, it would typically be something they are registered for, or possibly a gift card.

Michelle Answered:

It depends on what year of the anniversary is being celebrated. There are books that tell you what you should give your spouse of someody who is celebrating an anniversary for each year of their marriage. Some of the things includes an item made out of glass, wood, crystal etc.

ISawitComing Answered:

Take your spouse to the place where you originally proposed Go to an outdoor concert Have a picnic at the beach or park Make a dvd of some of your special moments together Go to dinner and a play Take a 3-day cruise Get a couples massage at a spa

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