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Men and their egos!

Why do men expect women to stroke their egos? I have been married for some time.
I’m an employed mother of three children, but sometimes I wonder if I have four kids.
He works, helps around the house, and takes care of his family well.
We honestly are fortunate.
Though, I don’t feel like I should thank him for everything and praise him like I praise the kids.
Why are men so needy?

3 Answers

Godfree Answered:

Do not treat your husband like a child; he’s not your child. He’s your husband. I read through a few of the previous comments and if you follow their advice, you are heading to a road of heart-ache. He is your partner and deserves to be treated, as such. My husband and I have been married for twenty years, and we complement each other. We have learned to grow together, respect each other, and love each other.

Moneychild Answered:

Men are children! You actually have four children, it’s just that one is grown! Praise him in moderation but remember to get what you want first. I don’t praise my husband until he completes a task around the house. I may, smile at him for doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. But for the larger jobs, I wait till the jobs are done. Just don’t overdo the praising because then they become conditioned to receive praise for everything!

Wonderlove Answered:

My mother always used to tell me that men don’t mature as fast as women do. The day I got married, I realized that was probably the best advice she ever gave me. Or, what I actually listened too! I wish I would have listened to my mother more. Men are like children. They require extra attention and sometimes it’s worth getting them to do a few extra things around the house. Learn to use it to your advantage. If your attic needs to be cleaned out, use your power wisely. You will be surprised how much they will do with a little extra praise!

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