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After being married, is it necessary to have a marriage certificate?

After being married, is it necessary to have a marriage certificate?

6 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

The short answer is yes. There are times when the marriage certificate is needed for legal reasons. It is a document of proof of marriage that can be used when applying for certain services. Banks , the DMV, and other such institutions may also request it as proof of a name change, and they may not let you change your last name without it. In death, it is a record that can be used to prove marital status in the absence of a will. So, keep your marriage license in a safe place, somewhere that it will be accessible down the road, should you need it.

Beautifullife Answered:

For sure, a marriage cert is needed. As everyone mentioned, it shows that you were actually married legally. I understand that some countries partake in cultural or religious proceedings to proclaim that a couple is married, but usually governments don't recognize those marriages unless they also have a legal certificate.

Newlywedgal Answered:

Hi there! A marriage is a legally recognised institution, and anything that is in the eyes of the law usually has a paper or even digital certificate as proof of that institution. Most marriage boards in many countries make it mandatory to have a marriage certificate, and usually do not recognise marriages without certification.

MelissaMatters Answered:

Like Dr. Alice mentioned I doubt that you could have gotten legally married without having a license in the first place. Assuming that a legal marriage took place it is always a good idea to have the original document as well as a copy in your own personal records. If you do not have this document in any form it is usually possible to request a copy from the registar's or clerk's office where the original was requested, usually in the county that you live. This is if your marriage took place in the US. I'm not really sure how it would work for other regions.

DrAlice Answered:

Fowler, from what I understand your marriage is not legal in most places without a marriage certificate. You can still have a wedding, maybe even a ceremony with an officiant but it just won’t be considered legal or come with any of the legal protections of a lawful marriage. I’m sure these requirements will vary by location as well.

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