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How much is marriage counseling prevelant among masses?

How much is marriage counseling prevelant among masses?

1 Answers

DUNCAN Answered:

Oddly enough, there does not appear to be a whole lot of research that is readily available regarding the prevalence of marriage counseling. However, there is research on premarital counseling, its studies seem to show positive outcomes that indicate premarital counseling does yield prevention of divorce before marriage even takes place. According to an article by Psychcentral, one of the driving forces that causes couples to seek marriage counseling has to do with issues related to infidelity But infidelity is a common buzzword, one that is advertised in excess. Due to this, other issues that lead to counseling are obscured and perhaps underreported; therefore the prevalence of couples in therapy is higher than we think. On the contrary, the prevalence of infidelity is actually much lower than you might think. Companies promoting products and services actually target those with concerns of infidelity, going as far as to promoting couple therapy or reading materials actually make up statistics for their advertising. In reality, infidelity is actually rare, though its prevalence increases with the age of the marriage. According to actual stats, men are more likely to have extramarital affairs than women, and combining husbands and wives, the prevalence of extramarital sexual affairs was below 6%.

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