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My relationship is in trouble. What should I do now?

My relationship is in trouble. What should I do now?

2 Answers

DUNCAN Answered:

Calm down and do not panic. The type of trouble your relationship is in will guide you where to go next. Problems can stem from issues that are obvious and in plain sight; such as infidelity; Problems can also stem from issues we can’t see, such as distance or irritability for which there is no clear explanation. If you can get your partner to open up long enough to understand the problem as they see it, you’re well on your way to finding a resolution.Sometimes though, one partner is unwilling to communicate or make effort to change. But don’t despair. If your partner is stubborn but you’re still desperate to make it work, try going to a marital therapist by yourself. Tell them what is happening, he or she can help you identify the source of the problems and provide an opinion as to whether your marriage can be saved. If needed, they can help you examine individual issues, and rekindle your sense of self worth – this can be damaged considerably, in bad relationships that go on for years. In saving the relationship, it may be that there’s something you need to do differently - maybe your partner is feeling smothered, for example. Or, it could be something larger, like your partner is abusive, or is struggling with addiction. Or, it’s possible you’ve just chosen the wron partner. A counselor can help you to come to a decision about whether you need to make big changes and possibly get out of the marriag If so, they can advise you of next steps.

Tobygirl Answered:

The first thing to do is to sit down with your partner and discuss it calmly and quietly. Try to analyse exactly what is going wrong and then try to find possible solutions. If you find this does not work, ask a trusted family member or friend for help. After that I would recommend professional therapy as they know how to help you see the relationship properly and to decide if you have a future together or not.

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