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Does couple therapy really work?

Does couple therapy really work?

6 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

Yes, it helps. Because change happens when the pain of staying in the same situation is greater than the love in a relationship. Just like a proper medical treatment is essential for a medical distress, a psychological treatment like couples counseling or therapy is needed to diagnose a "sick" relationship. Marriage retreats are recommended for a failing relationship, marital distress or a couple in crisis. At Marriage Designer, we provide counseling to the married and unmarried couples, dealing with the challenges that come in any relationship issues, With 10 video vignette’s to walk you through, and a planner with some fun activities to connect with each other, The entire program can be completed in an afternoon and will cost less than one counseling session.

Kwaps2017 Answered:

It does yes to a degree, just be prepared from coming out the session and wanting to kill eachother. It's not all roses because a lot of truths and anger comes out in the sessions and that for me was hard to deal with. As in i had an expectation of coming out and skipping away and in actual fact i came out and felt more divided than ever.

OliviaG Answered:

Yes, it does. The fact that both parties are willing to ask for help is a good sign. It is better to interact with a third party who will keep the peace if necessary. They will ask penetrating questions and prod a reluctant partner to answer uncomfortable questions. They will be able to see the situation more objectively than the two people involved in it.

PETTY34 Answered:

It depends first on the goal of the couples in therapy. Most of the time, a couple is trying to improve or enhance married life though therapy. But there may be other goals. Spouses that plan to get divorced, but still reside in the same home with their children, for example, may want advice for how to proceed with divorce. Other couples have experienced issues like infidelity. In this case, one person may feel confused and not sure what to do. Couples therapy can help solve problems in the opposite direction, too, such as whether to file for divorce, or how to begin a separation. The short answer is yes, couples therapy does work, however, it is not a magic pill, and it doesn’t work the same for every couple.

Ankita_bhatt Answered:

yes it does. Really.

CAMPBELL Answered:

Yes, it works! Read this amazing article on how you can make the most of free couples therapy

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