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I need to know some best wedding presents ideas.

I need to know some best wedding presents ideas.

3 Answers

PETTY34 Answered:

When it comes to gift giving, there are rules. Remember to always gift gifts from the heart, be creative and unique, and never give an unwrapped gift. Handmade, rare, and personalized items will go over well, these give the recipient a memory which they will cherish forever. Avoid gifts that are cliché or rushed; rushed gifts come through on the delivery.

MelissaMatters Answered:

If money were not an issue, I would say a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast just outside of town. (Make sure to do your due diligence and send them someplace nice and not a rundown shack.) Just a nice night or weekend away for them to enjoy a few weeks after their wedding. Don’t set the date for them, you don’t know their schedules/plans. If like me, money is an issue, Pinterest has many awesome ideas for wedding gifts that are DIY and you can make it special and personalized for their day.

ISawitComing Answered:

In my experience, most couples really do like to get money. This makes it easy for them to do whatever it is they really need to do. Maybe they want to pay their parents back for helping with the wedding or maybe they need to put a down payment on a car, or help pay for their honeymoon. Some couples now will have special websites for their wedding where you can give money online.

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