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Can you tell some therapy for couples that can help them in long run?

Can you tell some therapy for couples that can help them in long run?

1 Answers

PETTY34 Answered:

Finding tools and strategies that help is the first step; once a couple identifies what their weak points are, they will want to stick with what works. While there may be other programs that are useful, one should never underestimate the power of positive communication. A friend of mine once entered an anger management program in high school. The class was chosen for her and she did not want to be there. However, though the class was centered around anger management, the main curriculum taught students about identifying feelings, understanding how anger works, and provided a plethora of tools for communication. Now 35 and married, my friend still uses the tips she learned in that class in daily interactions, with her husband, with co-workers, and anyone else. Why? Because the material was so applicable it really stuck in her memory. Not only do I feel personally that setting some communication rules and boundaries will help over the long run, I also urge you to learn what works well for you and your partner, and rinse and repeat for the longevity of your marriage or until better strategies come along.

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