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What are some of the marriage counseling techniques?

What are some of the marriage counseling techniques?

1 Answers

PETTY34 Answered:

Techniques in marriage counseling vary with each counselor. Approaches used in therapy are often intentionally chosen and are tailored specifically to a couple or individual. The most popular techniques that work today are those that reduce stress and anxiety, and promote positive communication. There are literally hundreds, and the counselor will have to gain a comprehensive knowledge base of the individuals and the marriage to determine a) what individual issues need to be worked upon (.i.e. trust issue that stem from abuse in childhood), and b) what marital issues need to be resolved? The third, is c) How should the issues be resolved/what approaches can be used? Determining how to proceed on #c will depend on the causes, influencing factors, personal histories, communication style of the couple, and other factors. Talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral, psychotherapy, and visualization types, are just a few of the modes that can be used.

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