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Is marriage compatibility dependent on astrology?

Is marriage compatibility dependent on astrology?

5 Answers

Jamie76 Answered:

No, absolutely not. There are a lot of things that do matter though. According to the study mentioned in the article, soft skills like communication are key.

PETTY34 Answered:

Opinions vary on the subject of astrology and whether it is a good metric of compatibility. Those with expertise in esoteric formulas will swear by the accuracy of zodiac readings. Those with whom seriously study astrology, also use it as a compass when meeting new people. They can use the zodiac to describe a person with whom they have never even met. Experts can also provide insight as to whether two people are compatible, and the zodiac can even provide detailed information about personality flaws, as well as what disagreements two people will likely encounter. That being said, information gleaned via astrology research is not always accurate; nor is there any scientific basis to its claims. To say that compatibility is dependent on the zodiac is a bit of a stretch. Though fun to read and think about, it is not a guide one should use exclusively.

MelissaMatters Answered:

I would say no, but that’s my opinion. Do I think that some people wholeheartedly believe in astrology and its effect on couples: absolutely. In my personal experience, being with someone who my astrological sign says is a perfect match for me, has not usually been the case. When it does happen for others, I think it is more of a coincidence than the rule. But I believe if you believe it makes a difference, it can in your life.

Kern101 Answered:

Alhtough to some people this can be a huge factor when choosing a mate, I would say no, your astrologial signs do not need to be compatible if you want to marry someone. You should however be compatible in your relationship. You guys need to fit together on connect on many aspects before you can even consider being with this person.

BookLover4Life Answered:

I think it’s something to keep in mind. Sometimes there is some truth to these things. I would probably be aware of the person’s sign to see if they were a True Libra (or whatever sign) and keep some of the key astrological traits in mind when interacting with them to see if they really do behave in the way the reports and charts say they will.

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