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My marriage is in crisis. I need advice as soon as possible.

My marriage is in crisis. I need advice as soon as possible.

3 Answers

PrettyMe Answered:

Search for a professional advice. The free hotlines Petty34 suggested are a good idea for a start. You need to share the issues to receive help.

PETTY34 Answered:

If truly in crisis, there are hotlines available, (some are toll-free) that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you do need to speak to someone right away, search the internet for crisis hotlines in your area. If you don’t’ find one locally, some have toll-free numbers. The person you talk with may not be able to solve your immediate issue, but you may find them very helpful, even if you feel a little silly calling them at first. The crisis line operator should be able to a)refer you to agencies that can help, b) listen and provide advice, c) comfort you and reduce your anxiety. It is OK to consider and plan for divorce if it comes into your mind. In crisis, finding a good marriage therapist is a good idea if you are still willing to try and work out the issues you face.

SweetSeptember Answered:

What issues are you dealing with in your marriage? In order to recieve a handy advice you need to share the situation.

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