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What is a marriage counsel?

What is a marriage counsel?

2 Answers

Tobygirl Answered:

Marriage counselling is also known as couples’ therapy. It is a type of psychotherapy. The purpose of marriage counselling is to help couples recognise and solve conflicts and build up their relationships. It aids couples to make decisions about rebuilding relationships or deciding to separate.

PETTY34 Answered:

The word “counsel” quite literally means “advice”. A marriage counselor, therefore, is simply a person who provides advice. A marriage counselor specializes in providing advice that relates to marriage. Counselors do not have to be licensed. Therapists do. Therapists are more than just counselors, and do more than just offer advice. Depending on your state and the level of education the therapist has, he or she can use specialized methodologies, exercises, and applied techniques in practice. Although counselors may have professional skills and experience, using a licensed therapist guarantees qualification at a professional level, and they can apply a wider range of treatment models.

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