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Are there any family marriage counseling programs?

Are there any family marriage counseling programs?

1 Answers

PETTY34 Answered:

Licensed therapists will undoubtedly have past coursework in family therapy, family sociology, child development, and related fields. Graduate programs may be called “Marriage and Family Therapy” (or something very close), are offered via certain accredited universities. In order to become a marriage and family therapist, one must have a bachelor of arts or science degree. Some counselors take a clinical approach (scientific) and some take the human services route (arts based). One degree is not better than another; they are different. One may result in more clinical practice (evidence based, medicine), and the other is more spiritual or philosophical (focused on art therapy, hypnosis, or visualization tools). As such, one should start with a bachelor’s degree in human services, counseling psychology, or a related field, and must be accepted into a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program. They will complete two-three years in that program, much of which will be spent conducting research, teaching, and working in the field to attain experience, known as ‘clinical hours’. Check the universities in your area to determine where you can pursue a program, if you are serious about the field.

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