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How benefitial is online christian marriage counseling?

How benefitial is online christian marriage counseling?

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Christian marriage counselling can be very beneficial for whom faith is a significant aspect of life. In general, Christian marriage counseling is not necessarily more or less beneficial than therapies that are not faith-based. Rather, the most important fact to keep in mind is that therapy types and therapists need to mesh well with the couple receiving the counseling. A Christian marriage counselor will not work for a non-christian family, just as a regular marital therapist with no training in religiously based therapy will not work well for families that prioritize faith. Sometimes Christianity-focused counseling is beneficial if it addresses specific problems in marriage that are related to faith. Because faith is a very personal, and variable journey, two people will carry out their faith in different ways, and within the same religion, will have their own interpretations of faith, morality, scripture, etc. That said, the potential benefits of any method of therapy may be determined, in part, by the following factors: * Whether both spouses ”buy in” to therapy (they both want the support of a therapist or counselor and believe that it may help), * The degree to which the relationship is damaged; * Whether both parties can stay positive, open minded and willing to apply the exercises, advice and methodologies. * The level of trust established between the therapist and clients For couples that receive counseling through the Christian church, their commonality in faith can be a venue for education and healing. Scripture can be read, interpreted, and ultimately used as a base from which to derive answers. Under the right conditions, this approach will inspire the couple in new ways, promote trust, and may ultimately strengthen the bond.

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