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Is counseling for couples available for free?

Is counseling for couples available for free?

1 Answers

PETTY34 Answered:

Couples counseling can be free, depending on your location and what type of counseling you seek. Depending on what is available in your community, the quality of marital counseling services may vary; particularly in impoverished areas or where demand for low cost counseling services is high. This is why it is important to be selective, to search wisely, and see different counselors until you find one you like. When it comes to free services, it may be more challenging to find programs that meet your needs. Many free or low cost counseling services are offered through volunteer organizations. Couples that belong to a church or synagogue can request assistance through the church; usually the service is provided by the church’s minister or rabbi. Some churches that cannot accommodate an in-house service will actually provide a referral, and will actually foot the bill for your professional services. It is more difficult to attain services through a licensed therapist at a subsidized rate; mainly because it is difficult for non-profit agencies to keep professional therapists on staff. But if you are looking for a professional therapist, search the word “therapist’ or “psychologist” rather than ‘counselor’.Though many unlicensed counselors are good at what they do, the truth is that anyone can take on the title of counselor. Keep this in mind, and ask about each counselor’s background, education, and experience as you conduct your research.

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