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I need some help and advice that can save my marriage. Please help.

I need some help and advice that can save my marriage. Please help.

4 Answers

PrettyMe Answered:

Yes, communication is very important. Try to keep calm and discuss with your partner the problematic issues in your marriage. Share each other's feelings and search for a marriage counseling in your community. Be patient, healing a marriage takes time and needs both spouses willing to fix it.

PETTY34 Answered:

First, you cannot begin to resolve your conflicts without understanding what the problems are in the first place. Therefore, identifying what the problems are is the first step to figuring out the solution. Though your relational issues might seem complicated, there are really only a handful of general issues that cause marriages to fail. Communication problems, (such as lack of communication, ineffective communication, or verbal mistreatment), Personality differences (extreme difference of opinion or lacking in common goals and interests), trust issues (from past dishonesty or perceived dishonesty), are a few of the most common issues couples may face. Some activities or personality flaws may exacerbate existing problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse or infidelity. Some issues like negativity, taking one another for granted, or abusive patterns can be seen over the long term. The longer a couple waits to address problems, the larger the problems may grow. The best advice is to start with communication – find out what your partner feels at a time when they feel it is safe to talk honestly. Maintaining a calm demeanor and establishing trust is very important at this time. Seeking out a marriage counselor is a good idea; meanwhile, start doing your research on effective ncommunication, and do what you can on your own until counseling is available. If your partner is not receptive, it may time to reconsider whether you want to stay in the marriage, though many people choose to see a therapist on their own first.

SweetSeptember Answered:

Give us more information, please :) I wish to help but guessing what's wrong with your marriage is not an usefull practice. I believe in you and I am sure you shall recieve the help you need when you open and share the situation you are dealing with. Be strong!

LoveCoach Answered:

What is wrong in your marriage?

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