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Can you tell me some christian advice on marriage trouble.

Can you tell me some christian advice on marriage trouble.

2 Answers

Tigger Answered:

The decision to marry and be faithful to your marriage vows cn be devastating if only one aprtner is committed to them. Not only are you telling yourseelf to stay in th marriage but your family, firiends and the chrch re telling you the same thing. Some maarriages are truly not fixable. I do not believe that God expects us to stay in dangerous or destructive relationships. Do all you cn to fix the relationship so that you can knwo you have tried everything. If the point comes to end it, do not let other people's disapproval stop you. You are the only one who knows exactly what it was like. I believe that God wants his children to live healthy, hppy an fulfilled lives.

BYRD54 Answered:

Divorce, like war, is hell. When children are involved in the dissolution of marriage, divorce proceedings may become torturous. Before, during, and beyond divorce, support and sound counseling become essential for all involved. Hopefully the church, if engaged by the parties, becomes one of many providers of support and counseling. However, do not assume that the church, churchgoers, and religious leaders will deliver the care and guidance you seek. Communities that espouse inerrancy as a core tenant of their identity are especially prone to promoting a “until death do us part” approach to the marriage union unless narrow grounds for dissolution are met. This may become an emotional death sentence – or worse – for those caught in the spin cycle of abuse and/or addiction. Above all, be healthy.

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