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My marriage is in trouble and I am determined to save it. Need some advice.

My marriage is in trouble and I am determined to save it. Need some advice.

5 Answers

PrettyMe Answered:

I agree completely with BYRD54, an experienced marriage conselor is what you need to find first. Ask for reccomendations in your community or search on the net and check online reputation before you make an appointment.

BYRD54 Answered:

If your marriage is in trouble, recognize that you will need to enlist the help of caring professionals to help you through the malaise. Seeking an experienced, competent counselor is always the first, best step. A counselor will help you and your partner address the unresolved issues that continue to plague the marriage bond. This process, while painful and lengthy times, is a must because of the insight the counselor brings to the table. Also, recognize that BOTH partners contribute to the marriage trouble.

SweetSeptember Answered:

You need to be more specific in order to recieve a good advice that you can use :)

MITCHELL Answered:

If you are determined, then you will be able to save it. You and your partner just need to be on the same page regarding this. A small change in attitudes, making positive gestures and showing love & concern can make all the difference! You will drastically improve your marriage!

LoveCoach Answered:

How is it in trouble?

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