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How should I find a couple counselor?

How should I find a couple counselor?

2 Answers

Tobygirl Answered:

You can find marriage counsellors in the Yellow Pages, or get a name from a doctor or minister. The best way to get a good counsellor would be to get referrals from friends or family. You could also ask them about their credentials and how many years they have been practising as a counsellor. You may want to ask them questions about their methods and tell them a little about the problems you are facing.

BYRD54 Answered:

The best way to find a good counselor is to ask a religious leader or family doctor about referrals. Who would you go to see about your own marriage? In my experience, professionals are reluctant to provide referrals on folks they have not had the opportunity to fully vet. What does this mean? When a professional offers you a referral for a mental health provider, trust that the professional has become very aware of the provider’s credentialing, ability, and overall reputation.

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