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Which christian books on marriage are meant for couples?

Which christian books on marriage are meant for couples?

4 Answers

Redrice89 Answered:

For couples that are engaged, they can try 'Preparing for Marriage: Discover God's Plan for a Lifetime of Love' by Dennis Rainey. '10 Great Dates before You Say "I Do"' by Claudia Arp is great too. These books consider modern life and provide a guidebook of sorts for what to expect in a marriage. Books by Gary Chapman are a gem, and very popular amongst the Christian community.

Crystalbella Answered:

My husband and I are reading 'Strengthening Your Marriage' by Wayne A. Mack. It's quite a useful guide for defining what a Christian marriage is all about, and what the roles of a husband and wife are. Although I do find the book quite outdated in terms of its ideas (it was written in the 1970s after all), I would say that it is quite a balanced book, and does give good advice and tips on how to make your marriage strong. But of course, it's important to put what you learnt in practice!

BYRD54 Answered:

There are some wonderful books out there that provide insight about marriage from a Christian perspective. These books, when coupled with marriage counseling and other forms of meaningful dialogue, can sustain and growth the marriage bond. Great examples of books include: Love is a Flame by Gary Chapman The Four Lives by C.S. Lewis Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggerichs For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe

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