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I need free marriage help counseling. Please help.

I need free marriage help counseling. Please help.

2 Answers

Tigger Answered:

I would look online for marriage counselling books or courses. You can often download them for free. Secondhand book stores can be a source of cheap books and you could find something useful, Community centres usually offer free counsellors, or perhaps religious institutions would be able to help you.

BYRD54 Answered:

Church, synagogue, and mosque are the ideal places to start for free marriage counseling. Many religious professionals have received training in couple’s counseling. Further, because of the nature of their work as “shepherds,” these providers know how to address a wide swath of marital issues. The best faith-based counselors will also know when their skill sets are inadequate to address the marital issues. These counselors will provide referral services to you if additional resources are needed to address the marital duress.

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