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What is the most common point of argument between couples in a marriage?

What is the most common point of argument between couples in a marriage?

8 Answers

Hannah Answered:

I agree with crystabella... But I think financial issues can top the list. Almost all couples I know fight over it.

Angelicarose Answered:

Money, parenting methods, differing life values and beliefs brought by a different upbringing, an inability to juggle responsibilities in a balanced way, home chores, taking each other for granted. These are just some of the topics that a married couple can quarrel about, but it really depends on their individual situations.

Crystalbella Answered:

While I dislike arguments, my husband and I do quarrel about the following things: a. Undone or pending household chores b. Financial issues - I am currently a stay at home mum so I am not making an income c. More time for my husband to take care of the kids d. Parent-in-law issues. e. Jealousy issues - husband always stares at other women even when I am around 7. Lack of repect for my opinions The list could go not, but I shall stop at here.

Lolita Answered:

I have to agree that most couples argue over money. It could be because of different saving habits or spending habits. It is something that should be discussed before you get married, but often isn´t. It usual gets worse when the children arrive, because then the wife is trying to buy things that the children need, such as school books or clothes, while the husband may feel that he earned his money and can spend it on something he wants ie. golf clubs or a new sports car.

BYRD54 Answered:

The number one argument issue in marriages is money. As the partners typically come to the marriage union with different philosophies about money, money often becomes a rough spot as the marriage deepens. Generally, the partners should be very transparent about financial understandings and issues prior to beginning a marriage. Financial surprises sometimes become the catalyst for a marriage’s decline and dissolution. It seems to be very appropriate to develop a strategy that accounts for the couple’s future revenues and receipts.

MelissaMatters Answered:

I have to agree with OldFashioned, I truly think that this changes as couples grow older and their lives change. I think the most common argument that stays an issue throughout your entire life, is money. While families, insecurities and day to day issues can mount up, I feel that there’s always the issue of money. Who is making more? Who is spending more? Are you saving enough? What to spend it on? The list is endless of reasons to argue about money. I think this is true for not only those who are struggling with money issues and paying bills, but also those who have money stashed away for a rainy day.

Kern101 Answered:

I believe that there are many things that couples normally argue about: 1. If a member of the relationship has cheated, that could be brought up a lot, escpecially if the person hasn't been forgiven yet 2. Financial responsibilities if one person isn't pulling their weight 3.Little things, such as one member not cleaning up, or being messy or other little pet peeves.

OldFashioned Answered:

I think it depends how long the couple has been together. When we first got married, I used to get on my husband’s case for working long hours. Of course, he was just trying to be a good provider, but I didn’t just want someone to pay bills and buy me stuff, I needed my husband to be with me, to spend time with me. Eventually, he understood this and cut back on work, which helped a lot.

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