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What are the signs that your marriage needs help?

What are the signs that your marriage needs help?

3 Answers

BYRD54 Answered:

There are numerous indicators that point to a marriage in trouble. Some of these indicators include. - A decline in intimacy - Ineffective communication - Infidelity - Physical or emotional abuse - Substance abuse - Resentment When one these indicators is in your marriage, take notice. If two or more have become part of the marriage, it’s time to seek a counselor.

Kern101 Answered:

You and your spouse need help if you guys are constantly arguing. Especially if it's being done in public. That means that you don't respect each other or your relationship enough to confron or talk aout your issues in the privacy of your home. Another is you guys abuse each other; it can be in the form or verbal, phsyical or emtional abuse.

Christie Answered:

There are so many signs indicative of a marriage in trouble. You can tell if your relationship needs help if: 1. There has been some distance between you and your spouse lately 2, You don't spend as much time together 3. You don't laugh as much as you used to with your partner 4. You don't talk to your partner as much, or when you do, there's always an argument

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