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How can I search for marriage and relationship counseling institutes?

How can I search for marriage and relationship counseling institutes?

3 Answers

Angelicarose Answered:

I agree with BYRD54 and crystalbella. Marriage counsellors are everywhere not, so it's not that hard to find them in developed city areas. Google is your friend. Go to your marriage registry website and office for some references too. While the sheer availability of a therapist might make it seem like today's couple's have more couples, I think it's more the fact that therapy is practiced by more now and has less stigma to it that makes it popular.

Crystalbella Answered:

The internet is a great resource for finding a reputable counselling institute near you. Additionally, you can head to a social office and consult the social workers there on any counsellors that they could recommend to you. If there is an SOS helpline in your area, give them a call and I'm sure they will be glad to help you out with a search for counsellors. Good luck!

BYRD54 Answered:

Marriage and counseling institutes can be easily accessed through internet portals. Take time to seek institutes that have a robust following from satisfied couples and individuals, and enjoy a strong online reputation. Further, looking through informational pieces provided by institutes that come with the professional references of mental health journals is an appropriate step to take. Also, a conversation with governmental mental health agencies may provide some insight about available institutes.

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