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How does marriage and couples therapy help a couple in the long run?

How does marriage and couples therapy help a couple in the long run?

3 Answers

Angelicarose Answered:

Having been through marriage counselling myself, I can say that it really did help me to understand myself a little bit better and how I related to a marriage. In addition, I learned the love language of my spouse, and vice versa, which really did help the both of us bond together closer. The therapy helped bring out a lot of unresolved issues and helped us to work through it.

Crystalbella Answered:

I guess that marriage therapy helps couples understand each other better, and learn about their specific communication styles, love languages and provide insight on their values and ideals. Marriage theraphy also provides a time and place for conflict resolution by an objective and professionally trained counsellor, so that couples can learn from previous or current conflicts and take further action to prevent more conflicts.

BYRD54 Answered:

Like everything worthwhile in life, marriage and couples therapy is not a one-time fix. While a long-term therapeutic engagement can help the couple with insight and communitive gleanings, it is important for the couple to practice the skills that they are taught. Follow-up “checking-in” sessions with a family therapist may become an invaluable tool for the couple that is eager to overcome pervasive problems. If a family therapist identifies personality disorders are at work in the coupling, he/she is also well equipped to help the couple identify and use additional therapies.

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