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My wife is unhappy in marriage. Is divorce the next thing?

My wife is unhappy in marriage. Is divorce the next thing?

9 Answers

Vendela00 Answered:

Divorce doesn't have to be the next thing, but it's up to you.

I would suggest you try saving the marriage instead.


Vilas Answered:

No, try to figure out the pros and cons of the relationship getting tend to divorce. One can still take a chance of turning the bitter situation into a better one. You can not clap with one hand always remember.  And still it doesn't helps you can opt for second option.

Kriti Sharma Answered:

You should talk to her about it. Show some love and care to her. If it doesn't work, you should divorce mutually.

Chrisdel Answered:

divorce is not really the answer to to marriage problems you will always have problems in marriage it dosent matter who you marry you will always have problems to deal with married people are always focusing on whats wrong with there parther always focusing on there shortcomings so when problems arise they cant stand each other anymore and what out of there marriage if you are in unhappy marriage which most people are the answer to unhappy marriage is to fix the marriage resolve the problems and to put up each other and forgive one other thats all there is to it not turn around and get a divorce when things get tough

Beautifullife Answered:

Divorce should be the next thing only if you've tried everything else, and it didn't work. But if you're just finding out that your wife is unhappy, heck try to make things right first! Especially if your wife is not saying anything about divorce, I don't see any reason to. Find out what is making your wife unhappy and cheer her up.

Crystalbella Answered:

Hello! Firstly, why are you unhappy? It would help if you put down what your problems are specifically so that we can have a better understanding of your situation. If your unhappiness stems from a serious issue despite numerous efforts of trying to make it right - for example, even going through marriage counselling didn't work - than perhaps divorce can be an option.

Pepper Answered:

No, it doesn't have to be. She will appreciate it if you will sit down with her and ask her what is wrong. Don't get defensive, don't argue and don't offer advice - just listen. Women often feel that there men are not really paying attention when they talk to them; that their attention is on something else. You can also try praising her, giving her hugs or an unexpected phone call just to say that you are thinking about her.

BYRD54 Answered:

I sure hope not. All too often, couples start moving the chess pieces of divorce before making a good faith effort to work through some of the keystones of marital duress. Before pursuing separation and divorce, except in cases of emotional and/or physical abuse, couples should explore counseling, mediation, and pastoral care options. In many cases, basic exercises in communication skills help the couple move through some of the most insidious areas of concern.

Christie Answered:

No it doesn't have to be. If you really want it to work, communicate with your wife. Ask her what she needs from you and how you can go about giving her what she wants. Divorce doesn't have to be an option for you. If you have problems communicating with her, seek some outside help, like from a counselor or minister.

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