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Need some tips on rebuilding life after divorce?

Need some tips on rebuilding life after divorce?

2 Answers

Lolita Answered:

I agree with Byrd54, often relocating can help. You are in a completely new place, where no one knows you and you can make a new start without all the drama from your married life. A new town or country gives you the space you need to sort through all the emotional fallout that is the result of a divorce.

BYRD54 Answered:

Recovery from divorce can be a long and involved process. Some individuals, so tragically scarred by the underbelly of divorce, are never fully able to recover from the season. That said, there are some tools that may help persons work through the most challenging facets of post-divorce life. For starters, creating space for meditation, prayer, and discernment seems to be a helpful approach. Second, frank conversations with counselors and friends about the impact of the divorce may prove very helpful. Also, never discount the possibility of relocating. A fresh venue may do the heart good.

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