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Any love advice for men that can help them in life?

Any love advice for men that can help them in life?

3 Answers

Hannah Answered:

Be nice, always
Be a gentleman and take care of your lady
Honor her feelings and emotions

Here are some more tips and evergreen relationship advice for men

Tigger Answered:

Love your partner, be faithful to her, praise her often and hug her frequently. If a woman feels special and appreciated and safe, she will be happy and will do all she can to make you happy. Decide for yourself what you want from a relationship as well - do you want a friendship or a long-term reltionship? Make it clear from the start if you are not serious about the woman.

BYRD54 Answered:

The best love advice I can give to men is love yourself. I am not advocating a narcissistic love that leaves no space for healthy relationships, but the type of love that offers space for an affirming and self-giving relationship with others. Do you love yourself? If the answer is yes, than seek partners that share your values. You can overcome a lot of differences and diversity if you and the one you call “love” share values. Also, recognize you do not have to step into every relationship seeking a long-term partner. Let the relationship be organic not prescriptive.

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