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I want to divorce my snoring wife as I am not happy with her. How to file a divorce?

I want to divorce my snoring wife as I am not happy with her. How to file a divorce?

6 Answers

Lusy341 Answered:

If snoring is your only problem with her, you are a lucky man! Sad you don't appreciate it.

Beautifullife Answered:

If I'm not wrong, there are nose strips available in most drugstores and pharmacies now that can help one breathe properly and lessen the incidence of snoring! Try some earplugs also if the snoring is unbearable for now. Your wife's snoring might be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Go see a doctor and get a medical opinion on it.

Crystalbella Answered:

Hi there, perhaps you should looking into solutions that can help resolve your wife's snoring problem. There are many non-surgical options to assist proper breathing and prevent snoring, but for more serious cases, surgery is an option as well. My gut feel is that it is more than your wife's snoring that is prompting to you consider divorce, because it would be much easier to help her with the condition!

Pepper Answered:

I have lived with a husband who snores and I know how murderous you can feel in the middle of the night, when they carry on snoring no matter how often you prod them or push them to roll over. We eventually slept in separate rooms, which meant we both got a good night´s sleep. The fact that you want to divorce her seems to me that there are other issues here, and the snoring is just one of them.

BYRD54 Answered:

Snoring is not a great grounds for divorce. In fact, it is very selfish to seek a divorce of someone because they snore. A thoughtful alternative would be to help your partner seek proper medical care so that the snoring issues may be addressed. Sleep apnea, a well know and treatable condition, is probably the cause of your spouse’s snoring. Medications and devices like the “Cpap” machine are designed to mitigate snoring.

Christie Answered:

Snoring can be caused my numerous things. It may be an aeefect or symptom of a serious health issue, because of the position she sleeps in or becuase her nose is stuffed. I think that you should go see a doctor so that he can help you resolve this issue. Hopefully you and your wife will be able to work on any other things that may be the reason for you wanting to divorce her.

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