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Suggest some dating advice for girls that can of some help to them.

Suggest some dating advice for girls that can of some help to them.

5 Answers

Beautifullife Answered:

Haha speaking as a girl who dated myself.... Try not to be late for your dates, and speak up during dates. Don't make your date feel awkward! Dress to impress, but don't wear anything you normally wouldn't wear. Don't dress too trashy either. Dates don't have to be boring, try fun activities like indoor rock climbing, or the game arcade.

Crystalbella Answered:

If you are dating the guy for the first time, protect yourself by dating in public places and not going to secluded ones. Sometimes, girls can have really high expectations for a guy based on all the fairytale portrayals or romantic movies, but it's good to have a reality check sometimes and see the person that you are dating for what he is and not what you expect he can be.

SimonSays Answered:

First, learn to be a smart dater... Meaning know who you are dating. Get some info on them if at all possible through friends or family or even coworkers. Who ever introduced you to him would be a good place to start. Don't allow jerks to make you jaded. Once that happens, you sort of lose patience with dating in general and won't have that patience to allow a relationship to develop. Have patience but set realistic time frames for how the relationship progresses. Keep an open mind but also your BS sensor on high. Be honest with the person you go out with.

BYRD54 Answered:

My advice to all girls is this: Recognize that you are beautiful, gifted, and able no matter what feedback you receive from a potential love interest. If you are dating, or are interested in dating, do not waste your time on men who are “full of themselves.” Seek out love interests who respect and affirm you and your goals. Also, remember that shared values is the hallmark of healthy relationships. If you date someone who has values that conflict with your values, prepare for a rocky go of things.

OldFashioned Answered:

I think girls should not date a guy very seriously when they are teenagers. I know it’s very popular for boys and girls to date in middle school and high school, but there’s going to be so much time for all of that later. If they still want to date I think it has to be with their parent’s permission and in group settings as much as possible.

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