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I need help with divorce court costs?

I need help with divorce court costs?

2 Answers

Lolita Answered:

Divorce is expensive. If, like me, your husband left you penniless with children to support, it may be necessary to simply separate. An uncontested divorce costs less. This means that you have worked out an agreement between you before you get to court. The documents will be drawn up by your lawyers beforehand and you will both sign Them. then it only takes a few minutes in court before a judge who will agree to the divorce.

MCNEIL5 Answered:

Divorce proceedings can be extremely expensive. If there is abuse in your divorce case, the family court may wave the costs associated with initiating the divorce proceeding. In some instances, the family court can provide you with an attorney and/or guardian ad litem if your situation necessitates these features. In most instances, however, you will have tom finance the cost of your divorce. Loans, family, gifts, liquidation of assets, and part-time work may be appropriate to help you with the often absorbent costs associated with ending the relationship through a divorce proceeding.

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