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How can I satisfy my unhappy husband?

How can I satisfy my unhappy husband?

2 Answers

MCNEIL5 Answered:

If your husband is unhappy in the marriage, encourage him to partner with you in creating a “partnership list.” Your list can include things like intimacy, honesty, sobriety, and fidelity. Be honest and take your time. List everything you can think of. Make sure you put everything in writing. This step will help you begin to deal with an unhappy marriage. Next to every item in the list encourage your husband to partner with you in determining which items are “must haves,” and which items are negotiable. Address the areas of agreeance first, and then work through the others on the list.

JoshKim Answered:

The best way to know what someone wants is to ask them. Sit down with him and ask him what he needs from you.

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