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What is a life after divorce for a women?

What is a life after divorce for a women?

4 Answers

Anthonyjones Answered:

If the woman has children or did not work during the marriage, she might find a sudden stress over her shoulders as she would have to support herself in some way. Perhaps the most painful thing is feeling loneliness after divorce, but that can be overcome by taking part in healthy activities that can occupy the mind. Spend time with supportive family and friends as well.

Christoph345 Answered:

In my personal opinion, life will be what she makes of it. If she has planned well what she would like to do with her life after the divorce - be it to continue to focus on other aspects of her life or embrace new changes - then it'll be so. I don't think that there should be concern about how a divorced woman lives unless she is mentally unstable or in a precarious financial or social situation. On a good note she might have less cleaning up after to do, and more time to indulge in 'me' time.

Tobygirl Answered:

At first, it will be hard as you have to deal with the emotional trauma of the divorce. You will also have to be able to help your children through this trying period. You may have to talk to your ex-husband about child support and visits, both of which can be upsetting. Concentrate on rebuilding your own life, making sure that there is enough time to look after your own needs. Make time to discover things that you enjoy doing and spend time with people who build you up and make you feel positive and hopeful.

MCNEIL5 Answered:

While our relationships are vitally important, healthy self-love is the foundation of stability and sustainability. If you do not love yourself, you truly do not have the capacity to love your neighbor or your partner. Inasmuch, if you are healthy – if you love yourself – you will be able to weather life in the aftermath of divorce.

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