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What's the reason for the stark rise of online dating among teenagers?

What's the reason for the stark rise of online dating among teenagers?

3 Answers

Anthonyjones Answered:

I believe the reason is the prevalence of mobile applications, computer software and internet functions that enable teenagers of today to communicate freely with other people, even strangers without having their less than tech-saavy parents know about it at all. Ideas of love, dating and sex are also so freely thrown about in the media today, that kids feel motivated to find a partner just to feel a sense of belonging with their peers.

Rainstarry Answered:

Teenagers find that they live in a world where not many people like to engage in face-to-face interactions, and thus have decided to use online dating sites to get to know new friends and perhaps a girlfriend or boyfriend. Many people may say that online dating does not allow the teenager to develop his or social skills, and also puts them in danger of meeting harmful people or predators. While this is true, with proper care and safety techniques, online dating can be a great resource to meet a like-mind friend or soulmate.

MCNEIL5 Answered:

In an increasingly frenetic and mobilized world, virtual dates can be just as tantalizing as legitimate dates. Teenagers have been raised with technology. With a keystroke, friends, acquaintances, and the internet universe are accessible. Inasmuch, teenagers cultivate vital relationship that are often “proxy” relationships. Given this immoveable reality, parents and guardians should talk about internet safety with their children and insure that these young people know how to deal with predators. It may helpful for parents to place stringent limits on their progenies online access.

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