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What are the signs of infidelity in marriage? How I should stop before it gets worse?

What are the signs of infidelity in marriage? How I should stop before it gets worse?

3 Answers

Tomalter Answered:

You doubt your man that he is cheating on you? For this, you should check whether your husband is indulging in these activities:

1. His number is mostly unavaialble or he is mostly on calls.
2. Less and even more interest in sex re signs of infidelity.
3. If he is hiding something or ignoring you.
4. Change in his attitude, behaviour and even appearance.

The only way is to be transparent to each other. Share and do things together to develop intimacy between you two. Also try to listen eachother's problems. Try to save your marriage from infidelity from every possible end. 

JamesN Answered:

Some warning signs :- Changes in appearance – maybe he takes more trouble with his appearance and his grooming than he used to. Changes in weight – he may be trying to make himself more attractive by losing weight or taking up exercise. . Changes in routine and lots of excuses. New or unusual items that he brings home. Changes in computer habits. Keeping his phone with him at all times. Changes in your sex life. Unexplained spending habits where he might be buying gifts for someone else or taking them out to dinner. I would also tell you to listen to that small voice in your head that warns you that something is wrong.

MCNEIL5 Answered:

Signs of infidelity in a marriage can be subtle or absolutely obvious. It is not especially helpful to overreact if you see one possible infidelity indicator. That said, if you begin to see a constellation of infidelity indicators, it may be time to act! Signs of infidelity include: - Intimacy behavior that is 'out of the ordinary' - Secrecy around the use of mobile phones - New apps and programs on computers and/or new passwords on existing ones - Unusual questions about your whereabouts

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