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How to get divorce with mutual consent?

How to get divorce with mutual consent?

2 Answers

JamesN Answered:

An uncontested divorce is the best way. It is not as costly legally. It is also less traumatic if you can work out the conditions of divorce between yourselves, such as the division of property and who the children will live with. You will still both need a lawyer who will draw up the papers for you. Both need to sign them, usually in front of a notary, with 2 witnesses. After this is goes to court and the judge will decree that you are divorced. Sometimes the parties do not both need to be there but only have a lawyer to represent them.

HANEY5 Answered:

When partners agree that divorce is the appropriate course, the prospect of an efficient and mutual respectful divorce proceeding is nurtured. With mutual consent in place, the partners may be able to settle most issues without an overriding legal input. Mediation is always a lower-stress option for partners who agree that separation and divorce are in the mutual best interest. If, at any point, you discern that mutual consent is no longer a viable course, seek the counsel of an attorney.

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