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Does remarriage after divorce bring happiness?

Does remarriage after divorce bring happiness?

6 Answers

Anthonyjones Answered:

Yes, especially if you are the type that craves companionship and a partner for all of life’s joys and troubles. Usually going through a divorce will give a few insights on marriage and what not to do again to sustain a healthy happy marriage. ​Just make sure to use the lessons which you have learnt from your previous marriage in the relationship with your new love.

Rainstarry Answered:

It really depends. Sometimes people jump into their next marriage in haste, because they feel that they need a partner to help fill the role of a spouse. In this case, remarrying might have a slim chance of happiness, especially of the person knows very little of the new spouse. But the lover in this new marriage was found naturally and developed over the course of time where both parties love and understand each other, then perhaps it can be a second chance in marital bliss.

SimonSays Answered:

It believe it can. I haven't remarried so I can't say for sure but I know I am wiser than when I was married. I am much more prepared to be in a relationship now. I'm sure that whatever knowledge I have acquired over the years will help in the new marriage. Lesson learned as they say.

HANEY5 Answered:

Remarriage after divorce can bring happiness to your life if you have engaged in self-care and have taken the proper steps to grieve the ending of the previous relationship. Without appropriate time to heal, you may bring a healthy dose of your prior marriage into the new marriage. The unresolved issues from your past may curb your ability to healthfully communicate with your new partner. As is always the case, you need to surround yourself with insightful persons who can help you process the loss of the past and help you tap into the strength that will sustain you in another marriage.

Christie Answered:

It definitely can. I know so many couples who believe that their second marriage is truly the love of their lives; their soul mate, their everything. They also say that the first marriage helped them tremebdousky because it taught them the things that they needed and the things that couldn't tolerate in a relationship.

OldFashioned Answered:

I was married to my husband for 26 years. I was certain I would never remarry again, but two years after the divorce, love found me again. It was completely unexpected. An old flame came back into my life and slowly I accepted the fact that my first husband was forever gone, but I still deserved to be happy with someone else.

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