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Give a divorce advice for men that can help me.

Give a divorce advice for men that can help me.

2 Answers

JamesN Answered:

In many divorces, emotions get in the way of good judgement. Do not let your bad relationship with your wife destroy your relationships with your children. Keep visiting them supporting them and talking to them. Set up mail addresses and give them cellphones so that they can get hold of you. Remember that they are the unwilling participants in this. Also remember that your wife may seem like she is being selfish and grabbing but perhaps she is just trying to secure a safe future for your children as well as herself.

HANEY5 Answered:

If you are a man seeking a divorce from a partner, recognize that family courts do not look upon your action with gender bias. The eyes of the court are blind meaning the court is interested in hearing the merits of the case instead of making decisions based on gender, appearance, etc. That said, all judges are human beings and cannot guarantee 100% neutrality. Inasmuch, it may be very helpful to seek the counsel of attorneys who recognize the challenges faced by men in the family court setting.

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