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Is dating a married man ethically correct?

Answers (10)

InLoveWithLove said on
Dating someone who has a girlfriend or boyfriend is wrong, marriage takes it to a whole other level of wrongness. Legally he committed to loving and being faithful to that one woman, his wife, for the rest of his life. By dating him, you are helping him break an oath that he made to himself, his wife, family and friends.
Amy508 said on
How would you feel if your husband was dating another woman? You'd probably tell him that he's wrong for that and that he made a commitment to you and is not honoring that. Also, you would be completely heart broken. So no, it isn't ethically right to date a married man.
Anny777 said on
I think ethic is your least concern here. Wise women say "If it has to remain secret it's better not to participate". It's all up to what you are searching for and in most cases this is the non perspective kind of relationship for you. Guess you know that and I wish you good luck with your choice :)
TheDetailedDiva said on
My initial reaction to this question was to say that it’s ridiculous and it is not at all acceptable to date a married man. However, sometimes a man may be technically married even though they are separated and no longer living together. I still don’t think it’s a smart decision, but I don’t think it’s unethical in the cases where the couple is going through the divorce process.
SimonSays said on
The short answer .  Marriage on a religious level is specific to two individuals that forsake others for the marriage. Many of the major religions go so specific as to say it's between a man and a woman and even has punishments for those that comment adultery be it physical or spiritual.

On a civil level, marriage is explicit that it is between two consenting adults and that those adults are not currently married. Stands to point out it's based only on a two-person relationship, so if u are dating someone married, ethically it is implied that it is wrong.

Now are there circumstances when its can be reasoned that it is acceptable.

One example that comes to mind are those that enter into a marriage that is open. They are many swingers that marry and continue to practice their swinging lifestyles. All parties are within agreement .
CUEVAS said on
In a word, NO! A married person is ethically obligated to end one relationship before beginning another. If you chose to date a person already in a relationship with a committed partner, you are enabling an already corrosive situation to further decline. If a person is willing to be unfaithful to partner to be with you, how do you think that individual will treat you when the relationship hits a rocky place? Another question for you… What about you as you are drawn to an individual who is willing to cheat on a significant other?
christoph345 said on
I agree with the others, it is not ethical at all if you are helping a married man cheat on his spouse. There is a loss of integrity, honesty and care when someone does this. Some migthen ht say there is nothing wrong in an open marriage where the wife has given her consent to the husband to date other women. Then I ask, why get married at all?
itshazyhere said on
Not a chance. Married men have vows and duties to their wives which in principle are to be fulfilled at all costs. By having an affair with the married man, you are depriving the wife of the sole and exclusive right to the love and care of her husband, and you are also distracting the man from his time in his other roles either in the workplace or as a father or spouse. Im addition, the wife likewise has sacrificed some measure of her life to maintain her relationship with the husband. It would be unfair to her if you assisted her husband in breaking his vows and duties.
tommy said on
Absoultely, NO!! Dating a married men is not correct anyhow. As the man you are dating will never be yours till the time he divorces with his wife or leaves his children. You are not a mistress that you seek love in a married man. And, how can you love someone who is not loyal to his wife, do you expect him to be loyal to you too. This is a pure case of infidelity. I agree that love cannot be measured, but you need to wake up and realise things before they can get worse. Don't just live for time pass, get real. 
LovelyDay said on
No dear, married men are taboo. They have already made their choice. If their relationship status change- well, that is another story but before that it is an inperspective relationship with no future and many ethically incorrect aspects.
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