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How to keep problems rising from divorce and children separate?

How to keep problems rising from divorce and children separate?

2 Answers

Pepper Answered:

I think the most important thing is to remind yourself that you love your children more than you ``hate´´ your husband. I have been through a divorce so I have experienced it first-hand. When very stressed, I walked the dogs for miles, until I started to feel calmer and less stressed. This was so that I would not take out my frustration and anger on my children. I have also tried not to say negative things about my ex-husband in front of the children. I do not want to poison their minds, not for my ex-husband´s sake, but for my children's sake. I have tried to make our home calm and happy. For me, an important step was to begin communicating with my ex-husband by email instead of on the phone. It made it easier to keep my temper and think before I replied.

CUEVAS Answered:

Children are deeply affected by divorce. Even if the marital bond is irreparably damaged by abuse, the children suffer. Inasmuch, it is important to enlist the help of therapists and other caregivers. Children should be offered ample opportunity to explore their feelings about the divorce with a caring professional. Further, the courts may incest that a Guardian ad litem be retained on the children’s behalf to ensure that the children’s best interests are preserved at all times.

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